Monday, June 13, 2011

Stress, food and getting fat

Monday blues, as usual. Perhaps this is a form of modern mental disease that is affecting majority of the working population today, including myself. :p

And what does one do to vent the frustrations and stress that have accumulated over 5 working days? For most of us, we choose to eat! Haha!

And it must be something good. Price is secondary, at least to me. It's my reward. Don't I deserve nice food with my loved one in a cozy and relaxed ambience after days of hair pulling, eyes straining and brain twisting? Sure I do! ;)

And that's how constantly stressed out people get fat in the long run.

All pork dishes at Sanbanto, SS2.

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Location:Jalan Balakong Jaya,Seri Kembangan,Malaysia

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blogging with iPhone?

Testing with my new toy - iPhone that is! A new way to kill some boring waiting time. Kekeke....

Let's see how this looks on the web. Post!

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Hubby gets to stay in Avillion

Since we moved back to KL, there has been less traveling for hubby. Still, occasionally I have to stay over at my mom's house when hubby has to make outstation trips.

Like this weekend, hubby is spending two days in Port Dickson to help out in a training. And the venue is one of my dream resorts in Malaysia - Avillion Resort at PD!

I have been wanting to spend a holiday there, but its room rates are quite prohibitive. May be I should have listened to my friend to buy gold few years back. I could have made a fortune if I sold them now, and then I could book a room for myself at Avillion this weekend too.Haha!

The price of gold seems to be in a rising trend for quite some time, but the price is too high for me to get in now. Whoever has the money to invest in gold or other precious metal, it is still wise to be cautious and to plan your investment carefully. The best is to get the relevant professionals to advise on this form of investment.

A holiday at Avillion Resort remains one of the items in my wish list. When will my dream come true?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Make money, spend money

Wow! Time flies! When I realised that I've not updated this blog and need to break the silence here, it's already 6 months since my last post. Wuahahahaa!

My life now is all about work - working in the office, working at home, working on the internet.... so that I can afford to keep doing what I like to do - shopping! :P Yes, I still reserve time for shopping. Without shopping - big or small - life is nothing. There's no purpose to work.

We work because we need money. We need money because we need to spend, both on necessities and needs. Even if you save money, the ultimate purpose is still to spend it. Right?

So, here you go. The reasons why I'm not updating this blog, because I'm simply too busy working and spending money. Haha!

Friday, May 7, 2010

No longer a housewife

Yo! This auntie just want to drop by and tell everyone that she's no longer a stay-at-home-do-nothing-only-watch-TV housewife. Haha!

Yeah, I've just gone back to a 9-to-5 job a month ago. What to do, hubby has been complaining 'Qian Bu Gou Yong' (not enough money to use). So I have to become a career woman once more to contribute to our household fund.

Oh well, I take it as an opportunity to collect some funds for my monthly shopping adventures, too, haha! But I can't spend too much la, still have monthly credit card bills to cover, and to save back the amount of money that I had withdrawn from my savings in the past one year.

But at least I know I can plan for a short oversea vacation next year. Perhaps to Hong Kong. Man, did you know that I haven't gone out of Malaysia for almost 3 years? So sad....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Not going anywhere this CNY

It's another 10 days to Chinese New Year. For Chinese, there is a tradition of a reunion dinner on the eve of CNY. Just like how you all celebrate Christmas by having a family gathering or dinner on Christmas's eve.

For me, I have two reunion dinner to attend. The first one is of course with my parents in law, which we'll have to arrange it at lunch time. At night, there will be another dinner with my own family. Well, since my mom is not cooking (this is THE 'tradition' in my family), we'll have the reunion dinner in a restaurant. This year, one of my aunts is not able to join us for the dinner, as she'll be enjoying a family vacation at one of the local beaches.

How I wished I could take this opportunity to have getaway with hubby during this CNY, coz it's impossible for him to take one week off in any other months of the year. Well, I don't need to fly out of the country to indulge in a luxury vacation at the famous white sandy beaches of the Mexican Riviera Maya, or staying in one of the designer hotels there and enjoying a relaxing massage under a romantic white hut by the beach.

Actually, a 2-night stay in the Avillion resort at Port Dickson would be already like a dream come true for me. That, to me, is already considered as a rather luxurious holiday!

Well, my Avillion dream has to wait though. We'll be celebrating CNY just the same old way...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Holiday rambles

It's a long weekend holiday because of Hari Raya. Good for hubby, as he can really get a good rest after being busy traveling for the past week. Good for me too, as I can ask hubby to help me with some vacuuming, haha!

Actually, a long break like this is also good for people who do detox or colon cleansing. I'm not in to this, but who knows I may consider it one day, as I think more and more toxins are accumulating in my body because I just love to eat. :P

I also love to drink coffee, because of that I think my teeth also need some cleaning and teeth whitening too, hehe. Beverages like coffee, tea and red wine can stain our teeth if we drink them regularly and do not brush our teeth immediately after consuming. Of course, there are other reasons that can cause teeth to stain or turn yellowish. Actually, it's and inevitable part of aging. Just that the lifestyle can determine how much and how fast your teeth turn yellow.

May be I should go get one of those special toothpaste and do my teeth whitening at home...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Visiting my 'old' blog

This blog is like an old home of mine, which I previously stayed in. I had moved to a new place and now is back to pay a visit. :P

Perhaps this blog will remain the channel where I share interesting gossips or secrets that I don't want people to know... or the other way round? Haha!

Okay, so an update while I'm visiting this old neighborhood of mine. I was so utterly busy with work over the past few months. I'm getting quite a regular number of freelance writing jobs this year, some paid just several hundreds bucks, but some up to 2K for may be less than 7 days of work. In general, the average income is not considered stable yet. However, I now do have some 'shopping funds' to use, hehe. Oh how I missed shopping sprees! :P

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Still want to make money from home

So tired! Have been waking up at 7 am and sleeping way past midnight for two days. And there's another day to go!

I am attending a internet business event - the Global Internet Seminar - held in Wisma MCA. You see, I am still not giving up the make money at home idea, because I truly believe that we can all make money from home.

If there are already people making money using the internet by just doing it at home, I don't see why I can't, right? I think it is crucial that one must BELIEVE in himself or herself that he or she can make lots of money from home, without having to work a conventional 9-to-5 job. :)

This event lasts for three days and tomorrow will be the last. There several top internet marketing gurus participating in this event, and they gave an overview and provide some basic tips and techniques on how to make money from home, either through selling your own product, affiliate marketing or on eBay.

I signed up to this event because I received a huge discount - I only paid RM8 to attend. Hehe...

Of course, each of the Guru has a program or workshop to sell at the end of their presentation. And of course, I signed up for one of those today.... :P More accurately, hubby signed up and the workshop allows its participants to bring one family member along! How cool is that! :)

Oh, forgot to mention this, the Gurus include Ewen Chia, Andrew Ginsberg (eBay Guy), Stephen Pierce, Patric Chan, Vincent Tan, etc.

Now, I need to go to bed. Have to wake up 7 am tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where to find money for home improvement?

We are going to do some remodeling to our house front yard - switch the position of the gate and the post box plus garbage compartment, install a new gate, set it up with automatic gate system, build brick fence on both sides, fill up the floor with tiles. Simply put - our money will soon be gone with the wind!

We still have another home improvement project to be done after this, which is supposedly to be the indoor courtyard, where we would want to set up a water feature that we can appreciate while having dinner, haha!

Hubby said he could become addicted to home improving 'hobby'. Too bad he is not a rich guy and does not have the kind of money to spend on this luxurious hobby. This actually triggered him to consider collecting paintings, antiques or rare coins from now onwards, so that in the future he can sell of these valuables for money, haha!

Well, I don't think we can afford antiques or paintings of famous artist at the moment, but gold coins or rare coins may be something closer to our budget in the near future. Of course, nothing beats becoming a rare coin expert - I could then be a collector, investor and dealer all at the same time. I would then have all the means to renovate and improve my home in whatever lavish style I want! :P

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